Breakout Prone, Comedogenic and Problematic Skin

Are breakouts, blackhead and whiteheads only found in people with oily skin and teenagers?

No, it is found in both dry and oily skin types and is experienced by matured adults as well.

My skin is dry especially in the winter time. Can I use additional hydrating products or will it flair up?

Hydration of the skin is very important because dehydrated skin can result in a negative feedback mechanism that causes over-stimulation of the sebaceous/oil glands and in-turn, aggravates comedones and breakouts. The ACnCLEAR CREAM balances the skin secretions and contains urea for optimal hydration. If the skin still feels dry or oily then the Balancing  Serum works very well after applying the ACnCLEAR CREAM and will not aggravate your problem as it is a quick absorbing light weight serum that is non-comedogenic.

My acne is so bad and cystular but I do not want to take any oral medication for my skin. What should I do?

If  your skin has already progressed into a severe or cystular form, it is advisable that you visit your dermatologist.

How long should I use ACnCLEAR CREAM for?

ACnClear CREAM controls and manages the various factors influencing breakouts, comedones, oily skin and enlarged pores . It should be used and is safe to use as long as required.

At what age can I start using ACnCLEAR CREAM?

You can start at any age once the signs of breakouts, comedones, enlarged pores and oily skin surfaces on your skin. The earlier you start the better because it can manage the situation before it gets worse.

Can I use the ACnCLEAR CREAM while I am taking oral Isotretinoin?

No, you should wait about six weeks after stopping the medication or consult your dermatologist before using this range of products. If used at the right time after stopping your treatment, it can maintain the positive results achieved by the treatment.

What general tips would you advise whilst using ACnCLEAR CREAM?

  • Cleanse face with Gentle Cleanser and use the Balancing Serum for added benefits.
  • Do not use the hand towel to dry your face after cleansing. Use a papertowel.
  • Change pillowcase that is in contact with your skin whilst asleep every second day.
  • Use the products properly as indicated under directions on labels.
  • Be careful with makeup bases and sunscreens that may cause flair ups.
  • Always wash hands before touching your face. A good rinsing of face before applying cleanser, is advisable

Can I go for Acne light therapy whilst on ACnCLEAR CREAM?

Yes, you can. The two work well together.

Uneven Toned Skin

Do PigmentoB products contain any bleaches or whitening ingredients?


How long does uneven skin tone take to resolve when using the PigmentoB products?

Uneven toned skin is caused by various factors and each situation is unique. Progression of results differs from person to person. Patience is required. When using the PigmentoB range, results are accumulative over time and depends on how consistent you are with using the products.

Can I do laser whilst on PigmentoB products?

Yes you can, provided it is non ablative and does not cause redness and swelling of the skin. A qualified aesthetician must be consulted when having laser or light treatment done for uneven toned skin. The PigmentoB range compliments, enhances and maintains the benefits achieved from such treatments.

How long can I use the PigmentoB products for?

You can use them forever, the longer you use it , the more beneficial and results are accumulative over time.

Can the PigmentoB products be used with other DermoProf Skincare products?

Yes, they can.