Dry skin treatment

Dry Skin Treatments: Treating your Skin Conditions with DermoProf products

Dry skin is a very common skin condition. It is often characterised by rough skin and scaling, with small white flakes as the dead skin cells comes off. It can appear all over the body but is more often seen on the legs, arms, face, buttocks and hands.

If untreated, dry skin can sometimes lead to dermatitis swelling, and in more severe cases infection. For extremely dry skin, doctors may recommend medications or topical antihistamines, among other remedies. DermoProf products are the ideal dry skin treatment for you.

What causes skin to become dry, flaky and dehydrated.

Many factors contribute to you having dryer skin – Your dry skin condition may be a result of:

  • Being in constantly heated environments
  • Having little to no moisture or humidity in the air
  • Last summer’s sun exposure having done some damage to the skin cells, showing up a few months later as underlying cells reach the surface
  • Not adjusting your skincare regimes to meet the season’s effects on your skin health and moisture levels
  • Not drinking as much water because you’re cold (many people drink more water during summer than in winter)

In any case having the right dry skin treatment is not a well kept secret anymore at DermoProf we have developed many products just for you:

Try Our Balancing Serum Today

Applying our amazing Balancing Serum correctly is almost as important as the wonderful ingredients it is made of.
For maximum benefits:

  • Apply onto damp but pat dried skin for optimal penetration and benefits as opposed to directly onto dried out skin
  • Use immediately after a shower whilst skin is still damp but pat dried
  • Apply this serum about two minutes after your moisturiser and PigmentoB Booster Serum